Be BRAVE, Be Bold, and Show Your Support!

My Story, a Review, and a Discount!

I honestly can’t even recall how I came across Bravelets, but I knew I had to have one when I found out more about them!

We are in one of the most recognized awareness month’s in our modern day society—Breast Cancer Awareness.  Pink is everywhere and on everyone—including big manly NFL players!!  But breast cancer affect many more than just one month a year.  Every day it’s changing people’s lives and so are many other issues we have causes for.  There’s a ribbon of every color for every different one out there!

In 2008 my Mom’s battle of uterine cancer ended.  It shouldn’t have though; she should still be here today.  I’m not saying that out of ignorance or denial.  I love my Mom—always will—but had my Mom listened to her body, put herself first (instead of everyone else) and gone to the doctor to get checked out sooner, they would have found her cancer and been able to treat it before she got to stage 4. 

The one-year relative survival rate (percentage of people who survive at least one year after the cancer is detected, excluding those who die from other diseases) for uterine cancer is 92%. The five-year survival rate for a woman with a local (without spread) uterine cancer at diagnosis is about 95%. If the cancer is diagnosed with regional spread, the five-year survival rate is about 67%, and if diagnosed after the cancer has spread more distantly, it is 16%.

(American Cancer Society’s publication, Cancer Facts & Figures 2013)

My point though is not to bore you with statistics but to bring awareness to the reason we have these months, keepsakes, etc.  We do it to remember those who have passed and to keep hope alive for those in the fight.  Even more progressive, we bring awareness to how to prevent the same thing from happening to ourselves and those we love!

Bravelets has become one of my favorites—my first purchase was for myself and my sister—not only because they feature products for every kind of cause but also because they go a step further than many others out there!  With all these causes many companies have capitalized on these without giving much back to them.  Bravelets gives $10 for each product sold to that specific cause—so my purchase of two peach colored Bravelets sent $20 ($10 for each) to Uterine Cancer research!  They have already given over $280,000 to causes!  In addition to, it was founded in/on being proactive during tough times—hearing the words “I have cancer” can weaken even the strongest person.  I was a grown woman and I instantly felt the tears streaming down my face when I heard.  After that everything was fuzzy and words sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  I admire the founder for being as productive as she was during the time when she found out her Mom was diagnosed!  Truly living the spirit of Bravelets



My final point to this blog is, with all the big transitions that have gone on in my life (job loss, death of my Mom, death of my Grandma, etc.) I’ve experienced a shift in perspective.  Last holiday season about half of the gifts I gave also gave back in some way.  Bravelets is a great gift to give this holiday season—for the special women and men in your lives!

In short, Bravelets is a special “anchor” that reminds me every day to be strong…not simply because my Mom is no longer physically with me but because I AM STRONG.  I’ve survived all that I have and thrived in the process!  Hard days are inevitable but they don’t need to be permanent—Be BRAVE and persevere!  Live life in the present!

*****The team at Bravelets has extended a special discount to my readers!  Enter promo code RENEWEDME2013 at checkout and receive 10% off your order!  What a deal, save 10% and give $10?!?! It’s a win win!!  Feel free to share!*****

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Set GOAL, Achieve Goal (and why not do it Rock n Roll style?!?)

One of the biggest obstacles to running my first half marathon (and trust me there were many–reduced training plan based on timeline, 2 ER visits, Masters thesis, etc) was actually setting the goal. I’d thought about it but always had it waaaay out in my future. When I finally did I thought…ok now it’s real. Then my story about my successful healthy living was featured and I mentioned I was doing my first half and it really became real! My Dad stated it best and simply, “well now you really have to do it, the whole community knows!”

Today I’m passing on (should it be one of your bucket list goals) some great savings for the Rock n Roll Series. Maybe it’s in your hometown or maybe it turns into “runcation”–what we runners refer to when we book an out of town race. None the less….I encourage you to stop putting off until tomorrow what you can get started on today. Signing up now not only (in this case) saves you money, but it gets you physically started towards achieving your goal! This is a good time of year to do a training program because it keeps you focused/on track during the holiday season, it keeps you active when most become more inactive, and it gives you something to look forward to in 2014!

There’s one thing that I don’t think can ever truly be conveyed in people’s race recaps (where runners recount their experience of a running event) and that’s the feeling of achievement when YOU cross the finish line! You put in the work, effort and time…YOU reap the REWARD (and get an AWESOME medal to prove/flaunt it)! Remember what it felt like when you earned your diploma and walked across the stage at graduation? Remember when you aced that test? Remember when you earned that promotion? Remember how you felt when your child was born? How you felt when you purchased your first home/car? That feeling of achievement is few and far between in life, especially the older we get. Running and participating in these events is one of the few places you can feel that exhilaration again!

The Rock n Roll Series is one that I appreciate and share because of how well organized their events are, the variety of locations offered, and how fun they are! Oh and they design some pretty awesome race bling!!

Hope to see you out at the start line (and crossing the finish line) some time soon!

SAVE $23 by registering Sunday, October 13 for the Transamerica Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon San Francisco with online code LUCKY13. That’s $13 savings with the code and $10 by beating the price increase on October 16.
After a fast sell-out this year, NOW is the time to secure your start line spot for 2014.

*Online code LUCKY13 can only be redeemed on October 13 (12:00 am PST – 11:59 pm).


#TransformationTuesday–My First 5K to my 7th Half Marathon!

#TransformationTuesday–My First 5K to my 7th Half Marathon!

I LOVE #TransformationTuesday! I’ll admit, when I first saw this hashtag, I thought how egotistical are these people! But I realized that I was bitter and upset–not with the world–but myself. Now I recognize and realize that #TT isn’t about … Continue reading

Mind Over Platter–A Food Lesson Learned Running

How is it that when I want to be mindful that I think about everything else except what I want to be focusing on?  BUT when I just want to be “brainless” I’m all of a sudden very aware of what I’m doing, feeling, thinking, etc?! What gives?!?!

This didn’t come up out of no where.  A couple of weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a Mindful Eating Event hosted by FoodieMcBody.   It was a great and very eye opening event.  I was there with a room full of about 10 other people and I realized I felt very alone.  We ate in silence without eye contact and I realized that I don’t normally do this because I didn’t like the feeling of feeling alone.  I’m not going to give it all away, I HIGHLY recommend if you are ever in the Bay Area when she hosts this, that you attend in person!  Of course you leave something like that feeling empowered and inspired to want to live the rest of your life like this–eat by candle light every night, sit down to dine, one bite at a time, put down your utensil after each bite, etc.  But reality is, that doesn’t happen!  I ate about a cup of food that night after have a very full and active day and I felt completely satisfied.  For the next two weeks, my mind felt like I should eat myself out of house and home!  Often not even remembering how much and what I even put in my mouth–let alone how it tasted–kinda like my eating out of the peanut butter jar yesterday!

Then I had 10 miles to run last Sunday–during which I was very mindful and aware of how my legs, lungs and (in general) whole body felt while running.  I heard every pound of my feet on the pavement, every breath in and out, and person pass me along the trail.  I felt every tightness in my calves, quads, hamstrings, and burn in my lungs.  Starting out, I could have sworn I heard every tick of time going by–SLOWLY…much like my speed.  And then I thought…”How is it that I’m so aware of all this while I’m running but I’m so unaware when I eat?”

Have you ever thought about or asked yourself that?  Am I alone here too?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT trying to deter anyone who’s thought about trying running to not try!  I LOVE running and there isn’t anything I’d rather do (I think that’s pretty evident being that I’m approaching on completing my 7th in 14 months this weekend)!  Running is very much a mental activity while at the same time not.  I have been on runs where I literally have almost closed my eyes while running because I’ve gotten so relaxed–head to toe, inside and out.  It’s like meditating but easier–in the sense of hitting that happy non scattered place in your head.  In that sense, it’s that aspect of running that I’ve become “addicted” to.  After completing my first someone asked me how I liked it and how I was feeling now.  When I paused to think about my answer, I realized I hadn’t had a long run since my half and I missed that “happy place” that long runs take your mind to!  I say it in jest but it’s kinda true, running gives you a sense of a high that you really keep wanting to get back to.  Training for long runs teaches you how to physically get there but once that becomes a natural movement for you–knowing you pace–you are able to get to that quiet place and enjoy the run!

So I guess I’ve kinda answered my question here…In order to be as mindful eating as I am a runner, I need to set up those routines so I don’t over think so much and can just sit down (that may be the hardest part to implement right now) and enjoy my meal.  I can eat until satisfied and not be concerned that some child somewhere else is going to starve because I didn’t join the “clean plate club” that meal.  I can stop and enjoy my food and not be worried, sad, or concerned about what’s going on outside of that very moment.  I can enjoy and learn to stop, pause, and be aware/present in that very moment and OK with whatever may happen at said moment.

I think to help, I’m going to continue to read up on this with the book Savor by Thich Nhat Hinh which informs readers about mindful living and how it relates/impacts our eating.  I may be at a point of maintaining my weight, but I know what got me to my highest…it wasn’t ONE piece of cake, pizza or bag of chips.  It was my relationship with food and the practice of eating/dinning.  That fear of the unknown–as small or simple as it may actually be.  That not wanting to feel the pain, sadness, anger, etc so turning to food to numb it because mentally it was unbearable.  Running has taught me more than just how to run (because I never was good at it…I nearly passed out after my mile run to earn my Presidential Fitness award in 8th grade!); it’s taught me how to be mindful, present and aware.  Running has taught me how to feel, be ok with what I feel, and that I’ll survive whatever it is I feel.

The view from my last 8 mile run in San Mateo and the thought I had while approaching that turn.

The view from my last 8 mile run in San Mateo and the thought I had while approaching that turn.